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Fact: As part of Jackpot Cafe’s endless quest of bringing players closer to winning thousands of pounds in real cash prizes and online. Jackpot Cafe is giving away one free £20 sign-up bonus (no deposit or credit card required) – for slots and bingo – to each newly registered player that downloads Jackpot Cafe’s and completes their Jackpot Cafe registration.

With that being said, if you would like to see hard proof that playing at Jackpot Cafe can (and does) result in quick economic windfalls, then take a look at the following testimonials from actual Jackpot Cafe winners…

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madsmum72  won  £X,XXX  on    at  Jackpot Cafe UK

Come on down to [now Jackpot Cafe UK]. With the CM’s chat and all the different games, it’s a fun way to fill your day. madsmum72 is my username and I’ve been playing there for years. I’ve made some real good friends just through talking with my peers. My favourite game by far is Jungle [Fever]. Now and then, I’ve won a pretty little bundle. You never know, you could win big. It’s easy to withdraw. I love Bingo Cafe. In fact, I think it’s time I went and played some more. ”
– madsmum72
Shelley69  won  a  Jackpot  playing  at  Jackpot Cafe UK

Hi! I’m Shelley69. Welcome to Bingo Cafe UK [now Jackpot Cafe UK]. It’s the best place to play. With five CM’s all the way, come on and join the fun. You could be a jackpot winner just like me. I meet loads and loads of friends. Bingo Cafe UK is the best in any way. Thank you! Cheers! Bye! ”
– Shelley69
angeleyes67  says  the  CM’s  are  great  at  Jackpot Cafe UK

Hi! I’m angeleyes67. Come play Bingo Cafe UK [now Jackpot Cafe UK]. Come join in the fun. The best thing about the Cafe is that you make new friends. The CM’s are great – especially [inaudible]. We always have a laugh. Come join in the party and have some fun at Bingo Cafe UK. See ya there. Bye! ”
– angeleyes67
dattad1  says  Bingo Cafe  is  his  favourite  bingo  site

Hello! My name is Duncan. I’m going to tell you about my favourite bingo site. It’s called Bingo Cafe [now Jackpot Cafe]. It’s a great wee site and it’s got my favourite slots [inaudible]. It’s got Monopoly [Slots], it’s got Cluedo [Slots]. And it’s also got Elvis [Slots] – [inaudible]. When I play Bingo Cafe, when I deposit my funds, I get some paid bonuses with it. Best wait until the weekends, you get a wee bit extra on your money there. And also, actually when on Bingo Cafe, it’s not like your other sites, it will tell you that you can’t make a withdrawal because you’ve not staked enough money. The only thing you would lose on Bingo Cafe, if you tried withdrawing nothing, would be the bingo bucks that you received. So at the end of the day, you’re not really losing anything. So what is there to lose? Just the money that you normally put in. Bingo Cafe… it’s one of these bingo sites, it’s not too busy, but it’s not too quiet. You get a lot, enough players, to put up the prize money in the houses and you still get the occasional chance of going for jackpots. So [it’s also] linked up with other sites – on Mega Bingo. Mega Bingo [inaudible] ticket but the money on it is phenomenal. I came close once. I came down to one number. And I would have been happy if I got a [inaudible], yea? They also give you good e-mails and send out good bonuses to you through the e-mails. So look, like I said, I’m not a [inaudible], but well worth taking a look. Me, I’ll be sticking with Bingo Cafe for the foreseeable future. And hope to see you on there. Bye! ”
– dattad1

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  1. Sherie says:

    Wow! The game is wonderful. I like the patterns. Loads of games to choose from. I’d recommend this one to my friends and family.

  2. Fredda says:

    Loving it! Even my 8 yr old daughter enjoys watching me playing it.

  3. Lara says:

    If you like playing bingo, this game is the best.

  4. Jaliyah says:

    Love it! Even my 7 yr old enjoys watching me playing it.

  5. Leslee says:

    I really like it. I’ve been playing for more than a year and the promos keep me coming back for more.

  6. Ansley says:

    Love it!! Excellent game.

  7. Nona says:

    Been playing this game on and off for a few years and it’ll never cease to get old really like this game.

  8. Paige says:

    Love it.

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