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Embrace Your Competitive Energy at Jackpot Cafe and Win Thousands

Bingo tournaments. Bingo competitions. Slots tournaments. What do all of these Jackpot Cafe activities share in common? They are not just a lot of lively and amusing, they’re one of only a few ways you can transform a £10 entry fee into a £5K profit within one day – from the safety of your PC. Cool right? In fact, tons of Jackpot Cafe players celebrate monetary windfalls like these every single day. Just check out Jackpot Cafe’s to see for yourself. Jackpot Cafe winners gallery, progressive winners, recent winners – it’s all there. So what are you waiting for? now and get in on the game!

“Pot of Gold”

Runs: Throughout the month at Jackpot Cafe

Total Prize: £5,000 Jackpot Cafe bonus bucks (BBs)

for more information.
“Rainbow Connection”

Runs: MON-SUN at Jackpot Cafe

Total Prize: £500 Jackpot Cafe bonus bucks (BBs)

for more information.
“Slot Hot Shot”

Runs: Sunday – Saturday at Jackpot Cafe

Total Prize: £600 cash prize from Jackpot Cafe

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Everybody’s Cashing In at Jackpot Cafe… Are YOU Next?

At Jackpot Cafe, competitions, online bingo and online tournaments are certainly not a new trend. But lately, they have burst onto the global stage. In addition, the future of these great Jackpot Cafe games look encouraging. Whenever there’s big money up for grabs at Jackpot Cafe, people come for the spoils, which gets even more players at Jackpot Cafe into the game, further contributing to the overall prize pot. And because of these jackpots, many Jackpot Cafe players who enter bingo competitions online, free bingo tournaments online and slots tournaments online have gone on to win small fortunes. With that being said, your tablemates at Jackpot Cafe are standing by. So don’t dwell on this any longer. Complete your today and go beyond your potential.

8 thoughts on “Tournaments & Competitions”

  1. Catheryn says:

    It’s the # 1 bingo game. All the others can’t compare.

  2. Letha says:

    Love this game, quick moving, vibrant visuals, and many opportunities to obtain more bonuses.

  3. Wren says:

    Just can’t stop playing this game. Brilliant game.

  4. Alix says:

    Addicting… Impressive time killer.

  5. Sebrina says:

    I did give this game 5 stars because it’s my favorite!

  6. Lauran says:

    So much fun…I give it a five…lol.

  7. Laure says:

    I am in love… Taken me weeks to find what I’m looking for and this is it. Addictive. I could keep playing for hours!

  8. Karena says:

    Greatest slots i’ve played thus far. Loveeee itt!

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